All our products and treatment products contain a high percentage of natural ingredients.


The brands we work with follow the Green beauty philosophy and guarantee incredible results thanks to their purity and high concentration of active ingredients.  


Our products are cruelty free: Neither tested with animals, nor formulated with ingredients of animal origin.

NUTRIRESET by EVA GRAU is a unique Green Beauty aesthetic center which uses Bio-Organic, Vegan Friendly and Animal Cruelty free products in all their beauty treatments. They´re responding to the needs of an increasingly conscious and concerned society who look to better protect the environment.

We Specialize in massages, facials and beauty rituals, based on manual and oriental techniques and therapies, such as Kobido Massage, Sculptural Face Lifting, Massage with Gua-Sha, Quartz Roll, Lymphatic Drainage......

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Beauty Express

Beauty Express

Treatments created with 100% organic products according to specific needs or preferences. Ideal as a weekly or fortnightly application and for those who do not have time.



Each of the facial experiences, have been created taking care to every detail, so that you see and feel how you deserve: Beautiful and Radiant.

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Seductive looks 

Highlight your eyeslids.
Emphasize your eyelashes and look radiant, fresh and awake.



Massage combined with essential oils and gentle perfumes that allow total relaxation and mental well-being. A whole sensory experience that you must try. 

Pregnant Discomfort Release

Pregnant Discomfort Release

The best stage of your life, live it and fully enjoy it with the best of your smiles and say goodbye to your discomfort. Discover what Massage and Lymphatic Drainage can do for you and your baby.

Post pregnancy treaments

Post pregnancy treaments

Highly recommended to help eliminate toxins, metabolic waste and excess fluid accumulated during pregnancy.

Rituals de bellesa

Beauty Rituals

To invest in yourself is not vanity, it is to love yourself and it is to be grateful for who and what you are. “Ritual” is synonymous with Gift. Give yourself the opportunity to thank yourself for all the things you achieve in your day to day life, to celebrate your triumphs and to forget those unplesant memòries and experiences. 

Cuinant el canvi

Healthy Cooking advice and training

If you have decided to start taking care of yourself, make the switch to a healthy diet with good habits and get started in vegetarian or vegan cooking. It is important to get good advice and to plan balanced and varied menus, avoid mistakes and fall into false beliefs and myths.

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