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Beauty Treatments at Nutrireset by Eva Grau.

Our treatments

Nutrireset has a series of aesthetic and wellness treatments that aim for each person to find an optimal state of physical and mental well-being. From beauty experiences to nutritional advice, we want you to have the key to your own happiness. Take a look at our beauty and wellness treatments and experience them with us.

Aesthetic treatments


The face is the mirror of the soul. Take care of it with unique treatments that are designed taking care of the smallest details, so that you look and feel like you deserve: Beautiful and Radiant.


Live a sensory experience. Massages based on essential oils with gentle perfumes that will give you total relaxation.


Specific massage and lymphatic drainage treatments so you can enjoy one of the most wonderful stages of life.


Elimination of toxins, metabolic wastes and excess fluid accumulated during pregnancy.

Beauty Rituals

Give yourself a moment FOR YOU, to love and celebrate life and your beauty.

Cooking change

Advice on leading a healthy lifestyle and achieving physical and mental well-being through food.

"My experience with Eva is always positive, I come out relaxed, and happy with the result of the treatment and she always resolves my doubts and advises me."

Maria Andorra

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All the products we use for our treatments contain a high percentage of natural ingredients.


Our brands follow the Green Beauty philosophy and guarantee incredible results thanks to their high concentration of active ingredients.


Our products are cruelty-free: they are neither animal tested nor formulated with ingredients of animal origin.

Nutrireset by Eva Grau

We have been welfare since 1993