Sculptural Face Massage

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What is Sculptural Face Massage?

Your deep facelift massage.

Aquesta tècnica escultòrica i esculpidora d’estirament facial no invasiva, és un mètode per al rejoveniment natural que produeix un estirament facial d’una manera ràpida i efectiva i que utilitza el poder de les mans per a remodelar l’oval facial.És un massatge muscular profund en tots els músculs facials, tonificant, enfortint i relaxant la musculatura facial. Funciona també a escala psicoemocional i energètic, per a millorar tot el teu benestar. Inclou massatge intraoral.

Sculptural Face Massage

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Sculptural Facial Massage = Deep Facial Lifting.

This sculptural and non-invasive facelift technique is a method for natural rejuvenation that produces a facelift in a fast and effective way and uses the power of the hands to reshape the facial oval.
It is a deep muscle massage in all facial muscles, toning, strengthening and relaxing the facial muscles. It also works on a psycho-emotional and energetic level, to improve your overall well-being.
Includes intraoral massage.

This non-invasive facial stretching in turn leads to positive results such as:
• Relaxation of the facial muscles so that the muscle tone returns to normal.
• Helps muscle recovery, restores elasticity and softens the skin
• Elimination of spasms and blockages.
• Skin appearance improves through the stimulation of skin cell regeneration and the prevention of wrinkles.
• Improves skin detoxification.
• Activates blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and metabolism.
• Increases microcirculation in subcutaneous adipose tissue and normalizes cellular respiration.
• Remodels the facial oval.
• Reduces chin
• Reduces the "dropped" corners of the lips
• Prevention of age changes.
• Deep wrinkle reduction
• Releases muscles from any stagnation.
• Anti stress
• Aims to work 3 lines of the face to improve the oval: jaw, cheek and eye / eyebrow line
The treatment is available as:

Technique only
60 min treatment € 75

Technique and mask
80 min treatment € 90

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Benefits of this facial?


Aesthetic improvement

Caring for your skin with natural treatments and products helps to remove impurities and make your skin look healthier.



The treatments seek to find both beauty and mental well-being, which is achieved through relaxation.


Natural products

The most natural thing is to take care of yourself. That's why we only use 100% organic products that take care of your skin in a sustainable way.

Some of our products

Cynthia Sd
Cynthia Sd
I had the chance to discover Eva's institute, and I am completely charmed by her incredible talent. His magical hands transport me to every session out of time. Their professionalism and expertise are unmatched. I strongly recommend Eva's institute to all those who are looking for exceptional aesthetics. This is the ideal place to relax, recharge and feel good.
Susana Alves
Susana Alves
A 10 for Eva. I contacted her when I was pregnant as I was looking for a pregnancy massage. He is a very professional, very nice person. To this day I continue to rely on their services. Highly recommended.
Très bien, Eva est très agréable et ces soins de qualités!
Today I was able to enjoy Eva's fantastic hands, all her know-how, great professionalism and experience. Definitely a wonderful moment of my vacation. My skin has changed in an hour✨ A must stop if you go to Andorra. Thank you very much Eva!
Alba Ariza
Alba Ariza
I went to get a massage that my friends gave me for maternity and I was delighted. Eva is very good professional, very friendly and her massages are wonderful. The place is very pleasant and accessible. I definitely recommend the experience and I'm sure I'll repeat it!
geraldine guell
geraldine guell
Very good attention and care for all the details. I met Eva thanks to a gift my friends gave me for a pregnancy massage and I fully recommend it.
Noemi Abitbol Oziel
Noemi Abitbol Oziel
excellent A chance find and it has been a pleasure to be in their hands. After an abdominoplasty operation my body needed to be taken care of, I'm still scared and putting myself in their hands has been incredible, how my belly has changed in a short time. I can only say thank you Eva!!!

Nutrireset by Eva Grau

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