Nutrireset by Eva Grau

Nutrireset by Eva Grau

Nutrireset by Eva Grau

Eva Grau

Pursuing excellence since 1993

My name is Eva Grau and I have been working in the world of beauty since 1993. From the beginning, I realized the importance of having a good diet not only to look perfect and radiant, but also to feel -be in harmony with our body. That's why I've been combining dietetics and nutrition studies with the latest beauty trends and manual therapies, so that working in synergy, I can achieve my goal: Achieve Excellence to offer you a service that fills you of satisfaction. 

Because I am passionate about caring for, pampering and improving your skin and making you enjoy a unique experience of beauty and wellness, the center has been transformed into a temple of physical and mental well-being thanks to continuing education and the enormous and a growing range of therapies that I put at your disposal, creating new protocols, the result of the combination of the best products and techniques so that in each treatment the magic of the transformation of your skin and your mind explodes.

“Eva is an excellent professional who advises me very well and above all things she works with incredible products, any doubt that always arises for me is she explaining me step by step. Thank you for helping me with my skin! ”

Marianela Paolini

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SINCE 1993

We have been taking care of you for decades.

Nutrireset was born in the early 90's from the hand of Eva Grau, who with an uncontrollable passion for mental and physical well-being decided to share her knowledge of dietetics, nutrition, beauty and well-being. Because feeling good on the outside is as important as feeling good on the inside.

A unique experience

Nutrireset is much more than a beauty center located in the center of Andorra. It is a temple of beauty, relaxation and well-being where you can find the best products and treatments to give your body and mind the care they deserve. A Green Beauty Center of reference, with organic products and vegan and cruelty-free beauty treatments.

Nutrireset by Eva Grau

We have been welfare since 1993