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Beauty Rituals

Your beauty ritual

To invest in yourself is not vanity, it is to love yourself and it is to be grateful to yourself. "Ritual" is synonymous with Gift. Give yourself the opportunity to thank yourself for all the things you achieve in your day to day life, to celebrate your triumphs and to forget those who are not.


Aesthetic improvement

Caring for your skin with natural treatments and products helps to remove impurities and make your face look healthier and more aesthetically pleasing.


The treatments seek to find both beauty and mental well-being, which is achieved through relaxation.

Natural products

The most natural thing is to take care of yourself. That's why we only use 100% organic products that take care of your skin in a sustainable way.

Nutrireset Treatment by Eva Grau Massage Signature Gua Sha

Gua Sha Signature Massage

This ritual combines the effectiveness of a stimulating, invigorating and draining manual massage with the energy of different minerals in the form of Gua Sha.

Foot Reflexology

The reflex points of the body that are in the feet are worked by means of pressures. It reduces stress, improves circulation, removes toxins, balances the body and revitalizes energy.

Nutrireset Treatment by Eva Grau Kobido Massage

Kobido massage

Kobido means "ancient way of beauty." Kobido is combined with Shiatsu techniques and points, a Japanese therapy that helps to recover and balance the body's energy.

Nutrireset Treatment by Eva Grau Lifting CuppingGua Sha

Lifting, Cupping & Gua-Sha

It combines Kobido massage maneuvers with Cupping, Gua-Sha and Lymphatic Drainage, resulting in a brighter skin, with a more defined oval.

Nutrireset Treatment by Eva Degree Relaxing Massage 1

Sensitive Ritual by Eva Grau

Massage that activates the nerve cells that associate emotions while the essential oils will be absorbed by your skin, stimulating well-being and improving your mental, physical and emotional health.

Nutrireset Treatment by Eva Grau Millennial Secrets of Beauty 90 mn

Ritual Signature by Eva Grau

A burst of sensations that combines the oldest massage techniques, both body and facial, that allow a total disconnection and live a unique experience full of serenity.

Nutrireset Treatment by Eva Grau Perfect and Natural Beauty 90 min

Perfect and Natural Beauty

Each treatment is unique. Created with totally BIO and Natural ingredients to recover your Natural Beauty.

Beauty Express Treatment

Specific treatment with 100% organic products according to needs. Ideal as weekly or fortnightly maintenance.

"My experience with Eva is always positive, I come out relaxed, and happy with the result of the treatment and she always resolves my doubts and advises me."

Maria Andorra

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All the products we use for our treatments contain a high percentage of natural ingredients.


Our brands follow the Green Beauty philosophy and guarantee incredible results thanks to their high concentration of active ingredients.


Our products are cruelty-free: they are neither animal tested nor formulated with ingredients of animal origin.

Nutrireset by Eva Grau

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