Pregnant Treatments

You are going through one of the best stages of your life, live it and enjoy it with the best of your smiles. Because it is very important that you are physically and mentally prepared for what is to come. Nutrireset's treatments for pregnant women seek to give your body relaxation and help it at such an important time and make the discomfort of your body such as back and lower back pain, fluid retention, back pain easier. head, sleep problems ...

Pregnant Massage

Get your balance back and say goodbye to headaches, back, legs, feet, and swollen face. but above all, it is your best moment of relaxation and well-being in connection with your baby.

Pregnant Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle manipulation technique and pumping techniques, ideal for treating fluid retention in the arms, legs and knees, and are often accompanied by pain.


What are the benefits of treatments for pregnant women?

Improving fitness

Massages reduce tension in the muscles and provide a great feeling of well-being throughout the body.


During pregnancy, especially in recent months, it is important for the expectant mother to be physically and mentally prepared.

Mental relaxation

Improving fitness relaxes the mind and helps you cope with the most crucial months of pregnancy.

"My experience with Eva is always positive, I come out relaxed, and happy with the result of the treatment and she always resolves my doubts and advises me."

Maria Andorra

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All the products we use for our treatments contain a high percentage of natural ingredients.


Our brands follow the Green Beauty philosophy and guarantee incredible results thanks to their high concentration of active ingredients.


Our products are cruelty-free: they are neither animal tested nor formulated with ingredients of animal origin.

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