Foot Exfoliating Serum


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Foot exfoliating serum
Ultra-fast treatment to remove hardness and calluses. It works in 1 minute.

Lova, in Swedish, means "to promise." This is how the Lova Skin brand is surely shown with its Instant Foot Peeling, the revolutionary foot exfoliating product that not only causes non-stop breakage, but has been awarded by Cosmoprof Asia Beauty Awards 2019 as the best product in the world. special category "Innovation". A true ecological and environmentally friendly alternative unlike the classic disposable products such as tissue masks or granular exfoliants.

Instant Foot Peeling, is made with a high concentration of active ingredients such as aloe vera juice, Swiss glacier water, cactus extract, eucalyptus leaves, witch hazel, lime peel and Alpha and Beta-Hydroxyacids as acids lactic, malic, salicylic and glycolic derived from fruits. This makes this spray a powerful remover of dead cells, calluses or roughness, leaving the skin renewed.

Select the area you want to treat and apply the product. Wait 60 seconds and you will see that the skin begins to peel gently and painlessly.
Then use the LOVA SKIN file to remove excess dead cells and to allow a smooth, polished finish.
Finally, rinse your foot with warm water.

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