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This gentle cleansing foam has been specifically designed for skin prone to redness. With an infusion of soothing, strengthening and conditioning active ingredients, it helps soothe sensitivity and improve skin health. Organic sweet orange oil gives it a light citrus aroma, while also providing soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. Calmwise Soothing Cleanser has a balanced pH to care for even the most sensitive skin and is free of potentially artificial irritants such as perfumes, soaps and sulfates.

- Teprenone - A patented anti-redness active that helps prolong the life of skin cells; improves the skin's protective barrier and reduces sensitivity.
- Chlorophyll - a natural green pigment that acts as an energy source for plants. Naturally purifying, with powerful antioxidant properties, it detoxifies the skin while gently increasing the skin's renewal cycle for healthy, radiant skin from within.
- Vitamin K2 - A powerful nutrient that strengthens hair walls to help blur redness and sensitivity.
- Sweet orange oil, gives it a natural fragrance while softening and relieving irritation for a calm complexion.

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