Gua Sha, what is it, its history and its benefits.

Increasingly, all the secrets and techniques of oriental beauty are in vogue and one of the last to land has been the famous Gua Sha stone, which although it seems very new to you, has its origins more than 1000 years ago as part of traditional Chinese medicine, although it does not appear in any medical compendium until 1377 in the Ming Chinese dynasty (1368-1644).

And now, let’s get to know more about what Gua Sha means and what benefits it brings us.

Gua Sha, was used as a folk medicine in homes to relieve pain, redness, fever .. by intense rubbing on the skin in the blocked area, hence its name, * = rub and Sha = reddish. With this energetic rubbing massage on the skin, the energy blockages were undone, stimulating blood and fluid circulation, favoring the elimination of toxins. Gua Sha has undergone variations and although we now find it in different shapes and stones, it was originally a round spatula with a cow horn.


There is a growing demand for natural beauty treatments such as Kobido massage, facial lymphatic drainage or sculptural face, hence the rediscovery and adaptation to the world of beauty of this ancient tool that has become in the latest trend in the world of beauty. .

The stone that is used for the face, has a certain shape to be able to adapt to the different areas of our face, hence the wide range of shapes and stones, because depending on the action we want get, we will work one stone or another.

The main function of Gua Sha is to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic drainage, promoting an increase in cellular oxygenation and nutrition that will stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin resulting in firmer skin.

A deeper massage will help us to release the muscular tensions caused by the stress and contained emotions, sculpt and elevate the features, with an immediate lifting effect.

In a single session you will notice the results with anti-wrinkle effects, reduce glasses and eye bags,, more open eyes, more enlightened and relaxed skin.

Benefits of this massage:

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Smoothes and softens the skin.
  • It heals the skin
  • Helps drain and detoxify.
  • Restores luminosity to the skin.
  • Decreases bags in the area around the eyes.
  • It makes creams and serums much more effective.

But also, depending on the stone you use, you can enhance the results

GREEN JADE = Abundance. It was the imperial jewel and was used to make ornamental and religious figures. Also known as Kidney Stone, it stimulates the elimination of toxins by activating the lymphatic circulation reducing inflammation. Being cold helps to drain it so it is highly recommended to treat bags.

PINK QUARTZ = Universal love. Its energy is soft and loving, ideal for sensitive and dry skin.

WHITE QUARTZ = Clarity. Provides harmony and strength, ideal for dry, irritated, allergic or hypersensitive skin and for pregnant women.

FIRE QUARTZ = Vitality. Revitalizes, ideal for skin with imperfections and impurities.

AMETHYST = Calm down. Ideal for normal and combination skin, stressed and with hormonal eruptions in the jaw and chin.

FLUORITE ARC DE SANT MARTÍ = Balance, Cleaning stone, purification and balance. Ideal for photoaging skin.

But like any natural technique, it needs consistency, and if you combine it with other techniques like facial yoga and self-massage, you will be amazed at the results within a month.

GUA SHA MASSAGE facial rejuvenation

This ritual combines the effectiveness of a stimulating, invigorating and draining manual massage with the energy of the different minerals in the form of Gua Sha. A dance of hot and cold stones that will erase the facial tension from your face and oxygenate your skin.

A Beauty Ritual based on Eastern philosophy, where facial massage with Gua Sha, is combined with different techniques to achieve balance and harmony between beauty and well-being. Tensions are released, stagnant emotions that are reflected in the face, toxins and fluid retention are eliminated, to let everything flow, for the skin to reactivate all its functions and look radiant again, with a noticeable decrease of bags, glasses, expression lines, as well as a more sculpted and defined oval.

Ideal for hypersensitive or acne prone skin.


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