Antioxidants + Sun protection are essential in your daily routine and in any treatment and cosmetic to treat the signs of aging such as sagging, wrinkles and blemishes, as they protect our cells from the attack of free radicals. .

Today I want to share with you the benefits of a powerful antioxidant such as Chaga also known as charcoal nose and which is the main ingredient in the dietary supplement. CHAGA ANTIOX, where it is accompanied in smaller quantities by vitamin C, copper and selenium. A TOP cocktail, to take care of YOU and your SKIN.

Chaga is a parasitic fungus on white birch and other trees. Its preferred habitat is birch forests in Russia, Korea, eastern or northern Europe, areas of the northern United States, in the mountains of North Carolina, and Canada.

There are documents proving the medicinal use of Chaga for over 2200 years in China. While in Europe consumption began much later, around 1600. But it was not until the 1990s when its use became popular.


  • It strengthens our immune system. The chaga fungus is rich in beta-glucans. These are powerful regulators and modulators of our immune system. They stimulate the growth of leukocytes.
  • It is a potent antimicrobial and antiviral
  • It helps to lower the level of sugar in the blood.
  • It is an excellent antioxidant. It is high in phenols such as tannins and flavonoids and polyphenols, antioxidants that protect cells from oxidation caused by free radicals helping to reduce premature aging.
  • Excellent sunscreen. Thanks to its content in Vitamin D2 and melanin, it helps to improve the quality of the skin, protect it from sun damage and ultraviolet rays by preventing and delaying the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes that appear on the skin as gets older.
  • Skin protector. Thanks to its inhibitory effect on cell growth, its action against psoriasis and other skin conditions is demonstrated by combating the effects of pollution and stress.
  • All these benefits are enhanced in CHAGA ANTIOX, by the presence of Vitamin C, Copper and Selenium.

Vitamin C, is essential for the synthesis of collagen, thus helping the skin to look firmer and brighter as it is involved in blocking the enzyme that causes pigmentation and we must not forget which, thanks to its antioxidant power, protects your skin from the attack of free radicals, which are part of premature aging.

Copper, promotes the maintenance of the nervous and immune systems and also has an antioxidant effect 40 times higher than other active ingredients such as vitamin C. and is essential for the synthesis of collagen, improving the appearance of the skin aging and increased its thickness, in addition to its ability to keep the skin hydrated, which is a preventive action on premature aging.

It is antibacterial, so it helps fight infections and bacteria that can attack the skin, such as acne, rosacea and psoriasis.

Selenium is an essential trace element that is present in very small amounts in our cells. It is involved in the production of antioxidant enzymes involved in the process of preventing cell damage, and is involved in essential metabolic functions of the body linked to the immune and hormonal system.

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