Manual lymphatic drainage or the path to well-being

Well, I'm sure you'll be right, because you'll take a giant step to regain the physical and mental well-being you're looking for. Before you take this revitalizing path, we would like to talk to you about the application and therapeutic technique of this massage, as it is part of a much wider set that is sure to interest you as well.

Manual lymphatic massage is known as the Vodder Method, so named because of the names of its creators, Dr. Emil Vodder and his wife Estrid, who treated patients with colds or sinusitis, stimulating lymph in the neck. After analyzing the results obtained, the couple ended up creating a more complete and effective method that has survived to the present day and is used by manual therapists and recommended by specialists and surgeons around the world.

This method involves applying gentle massages to different areas of the body to help improve lymph circulation and the lymphatic system. Lymph is the name given to an aqueous liquid that contains proteins, salts and glucose, among other substances. It contains white blood cells, and they are responsible for defending our body from the attack of germs and are transferred through the lymph vessels.

Thus, in a broader sense, we can say that the lymphatic system is responsible for transferring the waste that is generated through the nutrition of cells to the blood, and then the excretory system is responsible for to eliminate them.

We must keep in mind that lymphatic drainage is not a technique to lose weight, but if it reduces the volume, as it removes fluids that cause swelling and in turn, removes excess toxins.

Lymphatic drainage in the whole of Massage Therapy

To talk about lymphatic drainage, we need to make a brief introduction about the "family" to which it corresponds, as this massage is part of a series of grouped techniques that constitute a therapeutic method that we call Massage Therapy.

Massage therapy includes: therapeutic massage, deep transverse massage, myofascial release, sports massage, neuromuscular techniques… Among many other techniques and, which we talk about in this article, manual lymphatic drainage.

When and why should we have lymphatic drainage?

No one escapes the fact that the life system we have in place in our society is really very stressful and so busy that our body, in one way or another, is affected by this acceleration and the environment in which what we submit.

All these alterations are caused by causes as diverse as environmental pollution, stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet… and all of them cause our lymphatic system to collapse. One of the most visible symptoms, especially in women, is the feeling of bloating and fluid retention, which beyond the aesthetic impact it produces, are effects that can lead to more serious diseases, as it causes our system immune system is affected.

What should manual lymphatic drainage look like?

Lymphatic drainage should be done slowly, in which the therapist himself will notice the circulation of lymph in his hands. In its execution, the movements must be smooth and without causing pain, rather on the contrary, it must produce a sensation of pleasure and relaxation. It should always be done in the direction marked by the lymph nodes by a light and controlled pressure on the skin with the hands and fingers.

Health, well-being and beautification

Lymphatic drainage can be done all over the body, as its benefits can affect any area that we notice some kind of affect.
In addition to the lymphatic drainage that is usually performed on the legs, arms and hands, thighs, back, buttocks or abdomen, to combat all kinds of disorders, there is also facial lymphatic drainage, which will provide us with well-being and fight acne. This begins with neck drainage, making circles by pressing lightly with your fingers on the supraclavicular area, then performing the same movements on the sternoclidomastoid muscle and the neck area. The part of the face is then drained, starting with the area around the mouth.

The effects of the lymphatic massage we perform on our body translate into an improvement in microcirculation, which makes it widely practiced for beautification purposes, especially to treat cellulite or facial rejuvenation.
It is also ideal for those who notice symptoms such as tired or swollen legs, general tiredness, poor digestion, headaches, joint pain, psychosomatic disorders, spasms, etc.

Many more benefits than you can imagine

Manual lymphatic drainage can be performed in all the cases mentioned above, both to fulfill an aesthetic goal and to relieve pain caused by injury or illness. So, depending on the symptom we are experiencing, the benefits it brings us could be grouped as follows:
• Helps eliminate excess fluid by activating lymphatic circulation.
• Reduces swelling and inflammation caused by fluid retention.
• Regulates muscle toning.
• Improves defenses thanks to the help provided to the lymph nodes.
• Fights cellulite, acne and improves the appearance of the skin.
• It produces an analgesic effect, highly recommended for chronic pain.
• It has relaxing effects, thus relieving situations of stress and anxiety.
• Relieves migraines, headaches and dizziness.
• Improves blood circulation by complementing the circulatory system by preventing the appearance of varicose veins.
• Stimulates kidney function.

With all that we have told you, we want to show you the way to health and well-being, but be sure to check for yourself the benefits of manual lymphatic drainage performed by expert hands. We want you to feel good, to make him your healthiest ally, and we want to be complicit in that.


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