What is Double Facial Cleansing?

Cleansing is the key that opens the main door of your skin to other products that are part of your Beauty Ritual, it is the first step in caring for your skin. It is essential to remove daily impurities at the same time as the condition, ensuring that the next steps of your facial care will have more optimized results: the serums will penetrate deeper while the creams will moisturize the skin even more, as the active principles of their formulas, they will be able to do their job better.

That is why Asian women wear such divine skin, they do not conceive of their daily skin care routine without a good cleansing. Double Cleansing is the way they have to clean their skin regardless of whether they wear make-up or not, and it consists of applying two cleansers, one in oil format and the other in water-based.
The first phase of cleansing is designed to remove, on the one hand, all the makeup and on the other, the excess fat that our skin may have produced throughout the day.

Even if your skin generates an excess of sebum, the oil-based cleanser is perfect for you as the fat only dissolves with another fat, in this case the oil. EYE: This does not mean that any oil is valid, as some, such as coconut oil and wheat germ, are highly comedogenic, meaning they can create acne breakouts and skin imperfections such as impurities, spots. blackheads, beards and blackheads, as well as clogged pores, hence the importance of not experimenting without the advice of a professional.

Application. On dry skin, we apply a small amount to our hands and apply the oil all over our face, first with ironing with the whole palm, and then with our fingertips, we make circles to remove all the makeup, as well as excess sebum. We will insist on the area of eyes and lips, to remove the makeup of these, insisting a little more on the case that they are water resistant. Not needing cotton or wipes, it is perfect for even the most delicate skin. At the end, remove the product with water.

The second phase of cleaning is done with a water-based product such as your usual cleanser, specific soap bar, ice or foam cleaners, or emollient milks. EYE: Here if you have to use the product best suited to the needs of your skin.

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