What are the benefits of relaxing massages?

Welcome to the wonderful world of massage

A World for them possibilities offered by different massage techniques they are almost endless and Wonderful because you will discover great pleasures and benefits that you wish you had discovered before.

We could say that there is a type of massage for every need, be it therapeutic or relaxing, with aesthetic or sporting goals, body or located in an area of the body… Whatever the need, we can say that there is the massage you require, which will reduce the negative effects that your body suffers.

Add that massage is one of the oldest known therapeutic techniques and, although it was born with the aim of alleviating certain pains, currently we find massages that adapt to any kind of need, whether emotional or physical.

The benefits of a good massage

If there is a path that unequivocally leads you to well-being, this is the one that traces a good massage. Undoubtedly, after going through the professional hands of Eva Grau in our beauty center in Andorra, you will notice, in your body and mind, a feeling of incomparable well-being.

Depending on the type of massage we are undergoing, the benefits could be listed as follows:

  • They relieve pain and improve muscle injuries.
  • They relax tensions and reduce anxiety.
  • They help the immune system.
  • They provide elasticity and firmness to the skin.
  • They help to improve blood circulation.
  • They help remove retained fluids.

What massages can you find at Nutrireset, your beauty center in Andorra?

Nutrireset performs the types of massages you need or feel like. After passing through our hands, you will experience great sensations and enjoy the well-being you were looking for.

Among all that we do, we show you some of the most requested in our center:

  • Body lymphatic drainage: Massage is performed on different areas of the body to improve the circulation of the lymph and lymphatic system. Helps remove fluids.
  • Sculptural Face Massage: A technique that models from non-invasive facial stretching, a rejuvenating method in a natural, fast and effective way.
  • Gua Sha Signature MassageFacial rejuvenation massage from manual rubbing in order to eliminate stress and tension and lead a healthier life. It is based on Eastern philosophy and mixes techniques of different types of massage.
  • Foot reflexologyPressure is applied to the different reflex points, reducing stress, improving circulation, removing toxins and revitalizing the body by filling it with energy.
  • Ritual Signature by Eva Grau:A real experience of beauty and well-being. A mixture of sensations that are achieved thanks to the ancestral massage techniques.
  • Relaxing back massageTreatment on the legs, back and neck based on vegetable and essential oils. Thanks to its aromas, we activate the nerve cells that stimulate the brain.
  • Kobido massage: Originally from Japan, he combines Shiatsu techniques and points, highly recommended to recover and balance the body's energy. It revitalizes the skin of the face and gains more vitality, releasing the blocked muscles of the face and neck.
  • Perfect and Natural Beauty: Designed to restore your natural beauty. With this massage we get a relaxed, radiant and oxygenated skin.
  • Beauty Express: Perfect for those times when we live in a time when gold is gold. It is designed to keep your skin fresh, smooth and radiant.

At Nutrireset we perform the massage you need with natural products

All our treatments are made with organic ingredients, natural and without harmful products for our body. Always with the intention of enjoying the well-being provided by a massage performed by a professional.

If your choice is a revitalizing massage, with the ones we perform you will be able to release tension, reduce stress, release discomfort or muscle aches. You will be able to return to the body the vitality it needs to cope with the daily traffic.

If what you need is a therapeutic massage, among these, you will find those that are located in different parts of the body or intended to deal with a specific disease. In other words that is, we can talk about decontracting massages or, for example, those performed on the skull, neck, neck, abdomen, foot, perineal, etc.

For pregnant women or women who have recently given birth, we performed specific massages to strengthen and recover the areas most affected by pregnancy or childbirth.

Find what you are looking for, what you need or what is recommended, in Nutrireset By Eva Grau, you will find the massage that feels best for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise and advise you on any aspect that worries you or interests you to deal with. We want to be your reference beauty center in Andorra and enjoy the look you want with the health you want.

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