The cleansing diet is perfect for cleansing our insides

Before entering detail of the benefits of a cleansing diet, we need to know exactly what it is. And most importantly, it is always best to follow the recommendations of a qualified expert.

As the name implies, this type of diet cleanses (cleanses) our body inside with natural ingredients that contain properties suitable for evacuating harmful fluids and releasing toxins, cleansing the digestive tract.

Purifying diets consist of fresh food, fruit and lots of vegetables. the intake of liquids, whether in the form of juices, infusions or water, will help the purification process.

If we talk about cooking, it's better if we do it steamed or grilled, Avoid fried, battered and excess fat. Chicken, fish, eggs and rice are the dishes we should prioritize.

The vital organs involved in the purification process

Toxic elements found in our body must be eliminated so that our organs can perform their functions as easily as possible. With a cleansing diet we will help them eliminate harmful substances and we will avoid diseases or harmful effects on the body.

The kidneys and liver are the main organs that perform these functions, but the skin and lungs also perform important functions of excretion.

Liver: All the substances we eat pass through it. Its main function is to filter food and secrete discharges into the intestine. It is very important to keep our gastrointestinal area healthy, as this is altered by taking unrecommended medications or foods.

The Kidneys: are responsible for the maintenance of water in the body, through them are eliminated low molecular weight toxins.

The skin: Through the sebaceous and sweat glands are excreted, for example, excess fats that manifest as acne or other skin disorders.

The lungs: Through them we eliminate volatile substances.

When and why to go on a cleansing diet?

We are constantly in contact with harmful elements for our body, factors such as pollution, bacteria, viruses, suspended chemicals, etc. with different origins and that penetrate through the lungs, the skin or the food. In some cases, it is possible that the our own body metabolizes toxic substances and we must also take action on the matter.

To eliminate excess weight, although it is not the primary goal, as this is the inner cleansing and help our body to relieve stress and to be able to work in the most optimal way possible. But it does help to shed a few extra pounds.

It will also help us to combat the effects of premature aging that is shown in our appearance, as we must keep in mind that an organ such as the skin is a revealing element of our health.

Another msuitable for a purifying diet, it is after times when we have neglected our diet or we have overeat, such as for Christmas, holidays, social or family meals, and so on. It will help us to compensate for the excess calories and toxins.

The secret of the cleansing diet lies in nature

There are food supplements that help us perform a general and efficient cleansing and detoxification of our liver and kidney system, while we will notice the benefits to our skin, mood and charged batteries.

For this, the purifying diet or food supplements are based on products extracted from nature, with completely organic components and really amazing properties.

The Antarctic Purifier

If we talk about systems that help alleviate the effects of a malfunction of these processes, we must highlight the Antarctic Purifier. An herbal composition that acts as a detoxifier, digestive and facilitates the expulsion of bile retained in the gallbladder.

The formulation of this method allows to stimulate the activity of the organs involved. In its composition, first of all, we must emphasize that it does not contain alcohol or sugars and that it is necessary to avoid mixing them with the diet during the process.

Its ingredients are based on natural products and plant extracts with great purifying properties. We describe some of the main purifying components:

  • Durvillea Antarctica: An alga originating from the cold waters of the Antarctic that contains up to 48% of alginic acid. This element has two fundamental properties: One, which is not absorbed by the body and two, which is able to absorb heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, among others.
  • Anise: The extract of this element is active in problems related to poor digestion, improves the process and increases the rate of gastric emptying.
  • Mint: Its activity is based on sedative and healing functions at the level of the colon, as this pathway is responsible for the purification of the body and in it lives the intestinal bacterial flora.
  • Melissa: Acts in gastric disorders related to anxiety or stress.
  • Licorice: important component of traditional Chinese medicine. Provides antioxidant properties and protection to cell walls. Very important functions at the gastric and hepatic level.
  • Gentian: The root is used with important gastrointestinal properties, with functions intended for liver cleansing.
  • artichoke: Like the ingredient that precedes it, its functions are directed towards the hepatic purification, which performs them through two different mechanisms; bile acid synthesis and reduced cholesterol synthesis.
  • Saucer: Flowers are used because they have elements in their composition that have diuretic properties.
  • July: Like Elderberry, its effects are diuretic. But it acts on several fronts as it is also a very useful liver protector.
  • Parsley: That beyond its culinary properties, is a powerful diuretic and purifier.
  • Burdock: Studies attribute it to skin cleansing virtues, ideal for pimples and acne.

It is a really long list, which is good news, especially considering that all of them are provided by nature and are within our reach. There are more extracts with purifying powers, and many others that, as we said at the beginning, we can incorporate it into our daily diet without too much effort.

To remember some that are within our reach in any market, we highlight celery, asparagus, endive, thistles, onions, cabbages,…

If we talk about fruit, highlight the super-famous fruit with these powers: the pineapple. But also grapes, strawberries, apple, pear, kiwi, orange… and always take it with the pulp.

It is highly recommended to take infusions after meals or as a snack. The most suitable are those of Dandelion, Licorice, Melissa and Ponytail.

As main ingredients in our cooking, we must consider chicken, bread, pasta, rice,… as far as possible, in its integral form.

And we end with the star product: water! Drinking plenty of water will help us with fluid retention. At least a liter and a half a day. And of course, avoid having exciting drinks like coffee or energy drinks.

At Nutrireset Beauty Center in Andorra we are experts in the field and we want to help you feel better with your body, inside and out. Visit us and we will solve your doubts and questions that may arise on the subject.


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